100% Live Ant Guarantee

Live-Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that your ants will arrive alive. We will refund IN CREDIT on the value of any plant that arrives in an unsatisfactory condition with store credit. We do not provide refunds for live/perishable products. Our live-arrival guarantee is subject to the following instructions and restrictions:

  • You must contact plantedants@gmail.com within 24 hours of your ant’s arrival to request a refund.

  • You must provide a photograph of what occurred.

  • Orders that have been delayed or mishandled by the carrier may not qualify.

  • Guarantee does not apply to worker ants that die in shipment, you might have some casualties, but as long as the queen is ok, you don't have to worry about this issue. 

Here at plantedANTS, we use insulated boxes and cooling packs with each shipment. Our shipment death rates are less than 1% and we aim to keep every customer happy. Please reach out if you feel like you are not satisfied with your purchase and I would be happy to help. 

Due to the summer heat, ants that are left in the mailbox or on the front porch for over an hour will have a chance at dying.


100% Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Our satisfaction guarantee is a promise plantedANTS makes to assure a buyer that a refund with in-store credit will be issued if the buyer is not satisfied with a product or service within a certain timeframe (30 days from the transaction). This 100% satisfaction guarantee will extend to all of our affiliated companies transactions aswel


We guarantee that your will be satisfied with what you purchased. We will refund any value that arrives in an unsatisfactory condition with store credit aswell.

NOTE: Many of the ants we sell (honeypot ants, harvester ants, etc.) are beginner ants! We will specifically list a specific species as intermediate or hard in our website, if not listed, it is a beginner species.


We do not accept returns of live ants or any perishable items.


All sales are final. However, please read our 100% guarantee Satifaction above for more details.