Disclaimer + Permit Conditions

Please read and review this page prior to purchase. You will not be allowed to checkout without acknowledging you have read this page!

1) Ants must not be released into the environment

         Ants released into the environment may pose a serious environmental risk to environment and agriculture in your state. If you no longer want your ants, please look at number three. 

2) Do not redistribute ants purchased from this site

         Ants purchased from Planted ANTS must not be redistributed. Please make sure your ants are only kept for educational use. If you wish to sell them, or give them away, you will have to acquire the permits to do so!

3) How to dispose of ants

        Ants must be disposed by putting them in the freezer for 8 hours. Then, they must be placed in the trash. Even though this seems cruel, it is the best way to make sure that you are not hurting your ecosystem.

Environmental Awareness: Permit Number and Paper Copy Sent with All Shipments

USDA-Animal anPlant Health Inspection Service 


The live organisms you received are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture for distribution to your State through permit issued to the Biological Supply Companypermit is necessary because these organisms could pose some risk to agriculture or the environment if misused

Your cooperation is essential to ensure the proper disposal of these live organisms when you are finished with your use

TO PROTECT your environment you must follow these procedures

► Do not allow students or anyone else to take any organisms 


► Do not distribute the organism to anyone

► Do not release the organisms outdoors.

►  You must dispose of these live organisms (and all materials exposed to these organismsby placing them into plastic bags and freezing them for days before disposal in your regular trash

If you have any questions about the handlingkeepingor disposal of these organismsplease contact your supplier, Planted ANTS at plantedants@gmail.com or APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine at866-524-5421 or pest.permits@usda.gov 



Our Permits and Disclaimers: 

PlantedANTS is a Licensed distributor of living ants across the continental United States. PlantedANTS will abide by the permit conditions set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture and each participating states' department of agriculture.

PlantedANTS is a licensed through USDA-APHIS. PlantedANTS will not engage in any trade of the regulated species beyond what has been authorized. Anyone using our permits aside from PlantedANTS will be prosecuted federally.

PlantedANTS has a live arrival guarantee for all shipments of ants. If your order arrived dead, you must email us at plantedants@gmail.com within 3 hours of delivery with your order number and a picture of the colony.

PlantedANTS is not responsible for ants left outside after delivery. No exceptions. Ants are typically shipped Monday-Wednesday. Keep an eye on your email, it is imperative to follow up on where your ant package is to bring it in once it arrives!

It is imperative you follow the permit conditions outlined within the permit sent with your order. PlantedANTS will not participate in fueling the illegal trade, so please do not ask us to sell you an ant that is not listed on your states permit.

Our permits are changing weekly and will continue to be updated indefinitely. For if any reason the ant you are in search for is not available in your state, please contact us to request it added to the states permit.

All sales final. If you request an Order cancellation a 25% restocking fee + a shipping recharge will be charged on the total value of the order.

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