Golden-tailed ants (Camponotus sansabeanus) have captivating behaviors, along with their ecology and biology, they are a great ant species to nurture a thriving colony. 

Longevity & Prosperity: Thriving for up to 8 years, these queens are already fertilized, promising a lasting and rewarding antkeeping experience.

Golden Beauty & Grace: Admire their radiant, gold-colored bodies adorned with captivating black patterns, standing out at approximately 18mm in length.

Safe and Friendly: With a gentle nature, these ants are completely safe around children, no biting or stinging.

Ideal for Beginners: Perfect for beginners, our golden-tailed ants come with an easy-to-follow 20-page care guide, ensuring your journey into antkeeping is smooth and successful.

Distinctive Traits: Workers and Soldiers ants boast an alluring black head paired with a striking golden body, showcasing their uniqueness within the ant world.

Golden Tail Ants (C. sansabeanus)

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About Golden Tailed Ants:

Personally, Golden Tailed ants are one of our favorites. Here are some facts about them!

Beginner Friendly?

Yes! They are also child-safe. (no biting or stinging)

Soldier Ants?

Yes! In two months, you will see soldier ants in your colony.

Special Traits?

Yes! Workers have a black head with a golden body.


No special diet. They are omnivorous and have a diverse diet, which includes scavenging for small insects, feeding on honeydew produced by aphids, and foraging for plant material.

Digging Masters

Golden-tailed ants typically create subterranean nests, constructing intricate tunnel systems beneath the soil's surface to house their colonies.

Named after their butt.

Golden-tailed ants derive their name from their striking golden-colored gasters.

Defense is better than offense.

Golden-tailed ants exhibit polymorphism, meaning they have different-sized castes within the same colony. This includes huge soldier ants (who defend the colony) and smaller worker ants.


millimeters long.




Year lifespan

Ant-Keeping Highlights:

Golden Soldiers...

After your golden-tail colony grows, you will see them produce soldier ants with a huge golden body and a jet-black head.

Fertilized. Ready to go.

All of our queens ants are fertilized and are ready to start their ant colony. Ants only need to be fertilized once in their life! All queens will come with eggs (as seen in the picture)--free of charge.

Included in your package:

20-Page Care Book

Golden-Tailed Queen Ant

Mystery Gift

Golden Tail Ants

Timeline after ants arrive:

At long last, your eagerly anticipated ant colony has arrived, this is the start of a new chapter in your ant-keeping journey.

View this timeline to see how the next couple years will be like!

After 1 Week:

Eggs transformation

In the captivating world of antkeeping, we have a front-row seat to one of nature's most awe-inspiring phenomena - the egg transformation.

As time passes, the eggs undergo a miraculous transformation, hatching into tiny, legless larvae. These growing larvae are cared for by the queen and worker ants, who tend to their needs, providing nourishment and ensuring their safety.

After 1 Month:

First workers arrive.

We are thrilled to share a remarkable moment in your ant-keeping journey – the first workers have arrived! These tiny workers are the backbone of the colony, signaling that your ant habitat is flourishing.

As your Golden-Tailed Ant colony grows, you can now witness their cooperative efforts in full swing. The first workers will diligently tend to the queen, nurture the brood, and forage for food to sustain the entire community.

A Year of Ant-Keeping

As we mark a full year in the world of ant-keeping, we can't help but marvel at the incredible journey we've embarked on.

What began as a queen ant now has blossomed into a thriving society, brimming with life, wonder, and endless fascination.

Our antkeeping journey has also been a lesson in patience and understanding. We've learned to appreciate the nuances of ant behavior, understanding their moods, and recognizing the subtle signs of their well-being.

A Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Lasting Bonds.

Through the years, your antkeeping journey has also been a journey of personal growth and learning.

You've honed your skills in creating optimal habitats, ensuring the colony's health and well-being. The sense of responsibility and connection you feel toward these tiny creatures has enriched your life in ways you never imagined.

A Legendary Journey.

To fellow antkeepers and enthusiasts, we share our journey as a testament to the depth of connection we can form with nature.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey and start your own ant colony with us.

Golden Tailed FAQ

Below, we've answered some common questions about golden-tailed ants to help you understand the basics of antkeeping.

Our live customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm PST.Average answer time: 5 minutes

Why buy from Planted ANTS?

You get the best value from us. With a focus on ethical practices, guaranteed live arrival, and safe shipping, PlantedANTS takes pride in providing educational resources in each package, engaging with fans at reptile conventions, and making ant-keeping an enriching experience for all.

Health and Quality.

We take great care in nurturing our ants, ensuring they are in the best condition when they arrive at your doorstep.

Expert Ant Guidance.

PlantedANTS provides comprehensive 20-page book on ant care, colony setup, and maintenance.

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Rest assured, our shipping methods prioritize the safety and security of the queen ants during transit, ensuring they reach you in excellent condition.

Build your ant city.

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